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The Revolution

Author: Trinity Suh

ISBN 978-1-62137-744-3 (softcover)

310 Pages

Killing people is her occupation. Falling in love is her fear. Juliet was eight when she completed her first assassination, following the orders of her mysterious employers. The agent's current mission is to attend high school and eliminate a boy THEY find inconvenient. What she does not know is that her assignment is a series of tests, which she fails one after another as she falls uncontrollably in love with her target, the quiet, golden haired Kyle who shows her the true meaning of trust. Juliet's emotions, defiance and betrayal lead to her imprisonment in a literal maze filled with brainwashing, mind games, deception and murder until she meets Blaine, who is experiencing a similar conflict between his orders and morals. The three teenagers attempt to escape to seek out a rumored rebellion of renegade assassins. Can Juliet break free of THEM? Will she rise up and take down the murderous masterminds ... or die in the process? As Juliet, Kyle and Blaine battle in the revolution, love and faith spur their actions, and they fight for all they are, for all they know, and for all they love.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Trinity Suh

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