Real Grace Series

Author: Gregory Reither

ISBN: 978-1-62137-416-9 (full series)

Includes "The Parables of Jesus," "The Teachings of Jesus," and "The Miracles of Jesus."

"The Real Grace series is an absolute must for every person. It is a wonderful, easy read that will bind you to it through the freedom and life it is filled with. My understanding of the teachings, miracles and parables of Jesus broadened in a tremendous way. This series reveals many hidden truths contained in the Hebrew culture and history that many don't have the knowledge of, but which are important to seeing the true love and grace revealed in everything Jesus said and did. As I read the series it felt like sitting at the feet of Jesus, asking Him to explain himself in what He did and said. It was as if He was sitting down with me explaining it in a loving, non-condemning way that leaves me with inner peace and outrageous joy. Pastor Greg did a tremendous job in writing this series. It is truly divinely inspired. A must for us all, even for the greatest grace preacher out there." -Bertie Brits; Pastor, Teacher and Founder of Dynamic Love Ministries 

"The Real Grace Series will enrich your understanding of some of the most difficult words of Jesus, and help you clearly see Christ's teachings in light of the New Covenant. These books will be a big help to believer's who have embraced the pure grace of the Gospel and who are needing to root out legalistic interpretations of our Lord's words and actions. A highly recommended read!" -Clark Whitten, Past of Grace Church Orlando, Florida, and author of Pure Grace". 


 Greg Reither has been a pastor and teacher for 25 years both within mainline Protestantism and as an independent. He is the founder of Grace Untied ( and currently pastors Healing Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the author of Grace Revolution: A Reader's Companion to Hebrews and The Aleph Tav Old Testament. Visit him on the web at

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