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The Ranks of the Insane

Author: Dorothy K. Morris

ISBN 9781621378853 (softcover)

ISBN 9781621378860 (eBook)

454 Pages




A Tiger by The Tail

In 1739, England's enemy in Spanish Florida increased their enticements to lure slaves to leave their colonial masters from South Carolina. They offered free land to any and all who would come and settle. Some slaves who ran tried to do as much harm as possible to the hated white slave owners on their way. The result of all these pressures was the Stono Rebellion, the most egregious slave uprising yet in the colony, where savage killings of white men and women were repaid with equally savage executions of the perpetrators. In the colony the numbers of blacks outweighed the white population, who now feared for their safety. The colonists realized they had created a monster. They had a tiger by the tail. What to do?


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