The Mexican Witch

Author: Edward G. Kurtz

ISBN 978-0-615-29311-0 (softcover)

338 pages

Naomi Fox, married, thirties, Jewish, and uptight, hustles to Mexico City after her runaway daughter, Karen. She finds her in a group surrounding an expatriate named Bill Klein. Following one drink too many, Naomi has a one night affair with Klein. Come morning, he helps her persuade Karen to return home. 

Days later Klein, in lassitude, decides to visit a Mexican Indian pueblo where he had once lived for a summer. Just as he is ready to go, Naomi returns, separated from her husband and needing “luft.” He takes her with him. But their affair can no longer endure. Naomi goes home to her “painted on smile of a marriage” and Klein goes back to his city of dreams and beggars. 


Following student days, Edward Kurtz worked as an R.N. in charge of a jail hospital in Los Angeles. Later he worked in Florida in institutions for the Psychiatrically Impaired, Criminal. In addition to the above, he has also been an offshore yachtsman, a postal clerk, a traveller throughout Mexico and Central America, and an unrepentant and unregenerate income tax protester. 

Mr. Kurtz has lived in Mexico for the last several years following an ill-conceived marriage and an equally ill-conceived episode with the Internal Revenue Service.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Edward G. Kurtz

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