The Lock of Tianaju's Hair

Author: Pat Madden

ISBN: 978-1-62137-558-6 (softcover)

230 pages

Years had passed in the enchanted Fairyland City of Vanbolena. During this time the beautiful Emerald Queen of Children had stayed faithful to her promise. Thousands upon thousands of children had now heard the important message she had vowed to spread. Unfortunately this happy scenario was soon to be destroyed. A powerful force that had suddenly appeared would throw Fairyland and the human world into turmoil. Unintentionally, Tianaju would acquire the help of a young man she had visited as a child. By chance this young boy had requested something to remember her by. So she gave him a lock of her lovely blond hair. This lock of hair turned out to be the heart and soul of this young boy's life. Now a young man, his love for the beautiful Emerald Queen of Children had never waned, only grown stronger. This love for Tianaju inspired him to write and publish her fascinating life story. Because of his devotion to her, she returned one evening to reward him. It was during this enchanting encounter that the distraught queen at the will of her parents asked for his valuable help to try and end this devastating turmoil. Will their unbreakable bond and the sense of humour they share keep their spirits up when the times are tough? Will he be strong enough alone to destroy this evil force that threatens both their worlds? Or will he have to acquire help from an unusual quarter? Will that even be enough? Could his love and devotion for the beautiful queen ruin everything they had set out to achieve? Or could it bring about an unexpected end...?


Patrick Madden is a Welshman born in a little Welsh mining town called Blaenavon. His mother was Welsh and his father Irish. He grew up being lucky enough to have the best friends one could ever wish for. Rugby and darts were his main hobbies. He played rugby for Blaenavon Harlequins R.F.C. and Abertillery R.F.C. He played darts for a local Blaenavon team called the Backroom Boys, but rugby was his passion. He loved every Saturday morning. It was the only time that he ever fled out of bed. After he wed a local girl, his married life took them to Scotland and then to Ireland. Now he is retired. He has five children and loves them all dearly. The inspiration for his first story, "A Name with No Meaning," came from his youngest daughter, Julie. He had always intended to write a follow-up story. While he was on holiday in Wales, he was lucky enough to take a photograph that became his inspiration to begin writing it. He would like to dedicate this story to his lovely, patient wife Lorraine.

Type: books

Vendor: Pat Madden

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