The Last Journey

Author: Charles Brock

ISBN 1-58939-296-5 (softcover)

236 Pages

A lone traveler on a doomed starship crashes to Earth in Northern Siberia at the turn of the 20th Century. Leaving the crash site, the ancient extra-terrestrial travels south, disappearing into the haze of history.
Decades later, in Toronto, Ontario, Lori Ellsworth is framed for the murder of a friend and co-worker by the vice president of Cytex Inc., the gigantic multi-national corporation she works for. Michael Quin, a down-and-out private detective with a jaded past, is hired to find her. Soon both he and Lori are being hunted; not only by the police but also by the soldiers of a powerful New York Mafia don.
The lives of all these people and the aliens eventually intertwine in a story of power, greed, love and redemption.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Charles Brock

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