The Harmonious Church

Author: Daniel R. Seagren

ISBN 978-1-62137-783-2 (eBook)

 103 Pages



Many are concerned about difficulties churches and pastors often encounter. At times the causes are obvious. There may be a mis-match, a power struggle, misunderstanding, incompetence; there could be unreal expectations, unfair comparisons, overwork or indolence, malice or animosity, jealousy, resentment or avarice. Often this leads to acrimony, animosity and ultimately, dissonance. A subtitle could have been expressed as CPR: CLERGY PARISH RELATIONSHIPS. If a congregation is near death, CPR might be beneficial, if not too late. If a congregation or a minister is spiritually ill, suffers from a debilitating disease, is out of shape or malnourished, where do we turn? Are there ecclesiastical physi­cians, pharmacists, physical therapists and paramedics readily available?

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