The Ghosts in the Stones - An Anasazi Saga

by Paul Boerger

ISBN 978-1-60264-690-2 (softcover)

136 pages

The silent stone city tucked into the canyons and caves at the Mesa Verde plateau in Colorado bears mute testament to a great mystery. Built by the Anasazi and abandoned over 800 years ago, the ruins come alive in "The Ghosts in the Stones." Warriors and Listening Women, the clash of generations and the struggle to simply survive come to life in this epic historical novel. From 14,000 BCE to their mysterious disappearance in 1,200 CE, the Anasazi relied on Listening Women to hear the spirits and ghosts of their Ancestors to guide the Tribe through the great migration over the ice bridge to Alaska and finally to southern Colorado where only their ruins remain at Mesa Verde National Park. Who were they, how did they live and love, and why did they abandon their magnificent stone cities are the questions speculated upon and answered in "The Ghosts in the Stones." From the first Listening Woman to modern day, "The Ghost in the Stones" takes the reader on a journey that spans the complex and often contentious relationships between men and women, young and old, and the blessing and curse of advancing technology that affects us to this day. Although "The Ghosts in the Stones" is a speculative tale, it has relevance to the problems humanity faces today.


Paul Boerger is an award-winning journalist and photographer living in Mount Shasta, California.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Paul Boerger

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