The Front of Beyond and Other Curious Tales

Author: Peter R. Edwards

ISBN 1-58939-669-3 (softcover)

270 Pages

A doorway to a strange, parallel world - that looks surprisingly (and rather disappointingly) like our own. A historian seeking evidence of ESP in Victorian London stumbles on a group who condemn him, as a man who knows too much, to a ghastly fate. And a man who discovers his mother is older than he thought. Much older. It's all here in these sixteen stories, ranging from the macabre to the downright zany. Written over a period of twenty years, these curious tales reflect one man's love of the sci-fi and horror worlds. From the moment he picked up a lurid copy of "Princess of Mars," the author was hooked.

There's a spoof of the EC genre where zombies talk dirty and a tip of the hat to the Weekly World News. There are gruesome stories that dredge up ancient magic from darker times. And there are tales of glittering starships and heroes with laser guns dangling from the hip.

This is the world where science and fantasy mingle, a world where… the spaceship lands by the haunted castle.


Peter R. Edwards is one of those pale, deluded Celts who stumble out of the mists of England, rather surprised the world has become so modernized. He was educated in a school that resembled Gormenghast. And went to college on the high, wet plain overlooking ancient Bath, where he studied Mathematics and listened to Beefheart.

In the seventies he stepped off a 747 into the New York winter and was promptly relieved of his greatcoat by a cheerful chap he met on 42nd Street. Falling on hard times, he eked out a miserable living by programming mainframes and soon had enough to buy a suit. He moved to Chicago and joined a community theatre in Wilmette. Sadly it was unpaid, but I am told he wowed them in Waukegan.

Finally the real estate boom allowed him to raise enough dough to open a restaurant. This was "Tea and Crumpets" in Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida. Naturally, he was soon broke and forced to return to coding.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Peter R. Edwards

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