The Final Chapter: Unraveling Death's Deeper Meaning

Author: Cindi Goodenough Welch

ISBN 1-58939-420-8 (softcover)

ISBN 1-58939-408-9 (eBook)

142 pages

The Final Chapter:

Adds a spiritual dimension to processing grief and trauma.

Shows others experiencing psycho-spiritual crisis they are not alone and that they can find the courage to seek out their own Truth.

Illuminates the pathway to self-awareness, to discovering deeper meaning and spiritual understanding.

Offers a vehicle for maneuvering through immense cognitive and spiritual change; for learning to discriminate between reality and illusion; and, for adjusting to dual realities.

Provides a roadmap for the pitfalls, fears, and challenges on the path of transition.

Presents a transformational process for psycho-spiritual change.

Outlines this process in stages to delineate the experience step by step.

Expands upon Near-Death-Experience with details on Death-Related-Experience.

Redefines perceptions toward viewing death as a beginning instead of an ending.


Cindi Goodenough Welch, M.A., LADC is a licensed counselor, and Counselor Emeritus. The Final Chapter began the day after the death of her daughter. The author felt she should document the trauma, and five months later made the decision to write this book. The purpose was to share the powerful psycho-spiritual experiences that can accompany grief and other crises. Experiencing profound spiritual awakenings that challenged traditional reality, the author was left searching for understanding and struggling for the Truth behind the events of this tremendous loss. It is that journey of awakening and transformation; that search for Truth, that is portrayed in The Final Chapter. Cindi is also the author of The Dream Seer: Exploring Precognitive, Telepathic and Instructive Dreams.

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Vendor: Cindi Welch

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