The Filmmakers

Author: Michael Corrigan

ISBN 978-1-60264-135-8 (softcover)

180 pages

Through a chance encounter, a young film student kills a hitman in self defense and steals mob money to fund his film. He finds himself the object of a hunt by a police detective and the mob,including the hitman's brother. Will the film ever get made? Who will show up on the set?


Michael Corrigan was born in San Francisco and graduated with a BA and MA in English from San Francisco State. "Byron" is his third book. The first, "Confessions of a Shanty Irishman," was a memoir that garnered considerable critical praise, from Gerald Nicosia at the San Francisco Chronicle to Pauline Ferrie with Emigrant Online in Galway.

"The Irish Connection and Other Stories" was his second book. London Agent, Jamie Orr, compared the collection of stories to a "proper pint of Guinness, to be shared round the table amongst friends and strangers soon to be friends..." "Byron" is a noir thriller set in Idaho, and a departure from Irish material.

In addition to writing and teaching, Corrigan has spent time in the theatre, working as a director and playwright for various companies including the Playwrights' Theatre in San Francisco and the group formerly known as the Pacific Theatre Ensemble in Los Angeles. He studied film at the American Film Institute and worked with several theatre artists including Sam Shepard and Peter Coyote. He currently teaches speech at Idaho State University.

Michael Corrigan lost his wife, Karen, in 2005 and will soon release a grief memoir published by Idaho State University.

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