The Devil's Swing

Author: Don Henry Ford

ISBN 1-58939-345-7 (softcover)

216 pages



Set in the beautiful, but poverty stricken region of Southwest Texas known as The Big Bend and the corresponding Chihuahuan desert of Northern Mexico, the story depicts the lives of three local marijuanos, whose endless obsession to get high catapults them into the dangerous world of drug smuggling. Their journey brings instant success: drugs, money, prostitutes, and notoriety - among their peers, and cops - both bad and good. They soon discover the world of drug smuggling may prove much easier to get into than out of - alive anyway. Follow these young men through a world few know intimately, a land of smugglers, outlaws, and desperados, where every living creature seems poised to bite, strike, stick or sting. Witness their fight for survival as they battle forces that threaten not only their lives, but their souls as well.



Don Henry Ford, Jr. is a reformed addict and smuggler of marijuana who began writing while incarcerated in Federal Penal Institutions serving time for his crimes. While events described in this writing are fiction, they are based on true-life experiance. Don credits faith in God and the love of his family for helping him to survive and overcome drug addiction and hopes not only to entertain, but also enlighten and inform through his writing. Currently he and his wife, Leah, breed, raise and train horses in South Central Texas.

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