The Abduction of Adam Danik

Author: Ron Karcz

ISBN 978-1-60264-142-6 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-150-1 (hardcover)

369 pages

Family values...Deadbeat Dad...Deadbeat mom...Abandonment...Alienation...Parental Abduction...these are hot button issues today. The kind politicians strive to get elected on and not as easy to define, as some seem to think. As Jack Danik learned, the hard way, our nation's 'system' of laws and judicial atmosphere contribute heavily to the negative aftermath of these issues. Little consideration, if any, is given to the fact 'both' parents are 'necessary' to the emotional and physical development of all children. However, manipulating the system through legal semantics with immense financial resource, Paula Danik creates a tragic outcome for their son, Adam.

Jack Danik believed he and his son were soul mates from the moment Jack cut the umbilical cord as the infant lay on his mother's abdomen. In the ensuing six years their marriage disintegrated and finally came to an end after Jack discovered a long-term affair with another man in a neighboring state. Trusting Paula's word to never come between Jack and Adam, they hashed out the conditions of their divorce and joint custody of Adam, with Jack ignoring the warnings of his attorney about letting Paula take Adam to another state.
Without rhetoric or idealistic 'mumbo-jumbo' this is the 'other side,' the 'real side,' of today's divorce/custody hot button issues and the devastation they wreak. The alienation and subsequent legal abduction of Adam Danik from his father described in this compelling story leads to neither murder nor out-and-out concealment. However, the mayhem wreaked on the psyche of the non-custodial parent, grandparents, and the child is horrible beyond comprehension.
The message in this non-gender-based, factually true book is significant and informative to all parents, grandparents, teachers, social workers, doctors, attorneys, and judges. In the end, alone, broken, and defeated, Jack Danik's warning is chilling...Except for the names and a few other changes, this story could be yours.


Ron Karcz was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, moved to Florida in his last year of high school, and attended college off and on, for a number of years. He became successful in the automobile business and RV business and then moved to Idaho. After a few years in Idaho, he wrote a song about the state titled, Back to Idaho where he and the song were filmed and used in public service announcements throughout the Northwest.
This launched a career in music for the next fifteen years where he recorded two albums, became a successful regional entertainer, worked as a producer, a published songwriter, recording artist, and spokesperson. He also ranched and had a successful consulting/production business doing TV, radio, and print ads for businesses nationally.

Category: Family, Non-Fiction, Relationships

Type: books

Vendor: Ron Karcz

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