Telecommunications Billing

Author: A.T. Bell

ISBN 1-58939-737-1 (softcover)

334 Pages

This book can easily be referred to as the bible of telecommunications billing. It far exceeds what any other author has previously been able to provide. For experienced telecommunications professionals, it provides important information on how to streamline existing billing business processes. It shows how an organization needs to evolve billing information and business system architectures to support the future needs of the consumer. It is a strategic billing reference which goes beyond basic billing concepts. For less experienced telecom professionals, it is an introductory reference for telecom billing. It provides the reader with the background necessary to understand all aspects of this difficult subject. This is an excellent billing textbook for new telecom students or individuals working in the telecommunications field. It surpasses any preceding books written on this subject. Unlike its counterparts, this book assumes no understanding of telecom billing. When finished, the reader will be well versed in billing terms, processes, and strategies.


Mr. Bell is an accomplished telecommunications information systems architect in the industry. From development of advanced real time telecommunications billing systems to design and development of complex software architectures and enterprise-wide Telco legacy integration implementations, Mr. Bell has been involved with many different aspects of the telecom infrastructure and core billing processes. He is fluent in a variety of computer languages and information technologies. He has effectively managed over telecom project managers and software application development teams, developing core business software. He has been trained in important management philosophies. Mr. Bell has been exposed to managerial and engineering principles beyond the realm of basic billing business processes. His technical insights and wisdom have provided a significant benefit to all people interested in this wonderful topic.

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