Tea Leaves

Author: Andrew Sandner

ISBN 978-1-62137-203-5 (hardcover)

110 pages

“Tea Leaves” is a book of virtues written for children ages 10 and up. And while every child should be given a copy of this book, many parents and grandparents will be reluctant, and even outright opposed to the notion. “Tea Leaves” is not an average book of morals, but the most beautifully brutal book for children ever put to paper. Harsh truths given in blunt yet poetic prose are exemplified by equally harsh yet stunningly imaginative illustrations. Each of the 50 maxims ends with a valuable adage worthy of remembrance, as well as a lovely black ink drawing related to the topic. And while at first the book may seem unsuitable for such children, the ringing infallibility of the book’s lessons leave the young reader much, much better off. Life isn’t easy; so isn’t it time we stop coddling our youth? Get them this book and see them prosper hand over fist. It is their right to know life’s truths, as well as how to succeed unconditionally through the blood, sweat and tears. Let’s teach them to never be a victim, to always live fearless, and to remember they are infinitely blessed.

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