Talks to Bears

Author: Pete Edwards

ISBN 1-58939-200-0 (softcover)

ISBN 1-58939-201-9 (eBook)

152 Pages

A sleepy tourist town in Alaska is threatened by a ferocious Grizzly from the deep woods. After two horrific fatalaties, the police and animal management agencies scramble to contain the menace.
But it takes a certain type of Alaskan Indian, a medicine man called Sam Cloud, to realize that the animal must be hunted using the old ways of his people. Sam is not convinced the creature should be killed and begins calling on his Spirit helpers to find another solution.
In the process, he discovers weird abilities deep in his mind that threaten his very sanity. Like the other victims, he finds a layer of fear that lurks beneath the very real dread of being eaten by a bear.


Pete Edwards was born among the crags of Scotland but was raised in Devon, the dairy land of England. He pretended to study Math at the University of Bath and immigrated to the USA in the seventies, where he immediately had his coat stolen. He became a US citizen in 1997 and instantly developed a liking for John Wayne movies. He is married to a Chicagoan, has a teenage daughter and is employed as a systems analyst in Tampa, Florida.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Pete Edwards

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