Soul Trains

Author: Larry Portis

ISBN 1589392205 (softcover)

280 Pages

Soul Trains shows how the interaction of social classes and ethnic communities, and the growth of a music industry, created new music in the United States and Britain. A central question addressed is how popular perceptions of "authentic" musical expression are influenced by attempts to control or modify musical taste. The dynamic of musical innovation in capitalist society emerges from a process conditioned by historical events, language, and cultural traditions acting variously as forces for rebellion, resistance or reaction. This book avoids abstract language or jargon. It shows how popular musical culture cannot be understood apart from economic change and the evolution of social relationships. An excellent initiation to the history of popular music, it is especially recommended to the general reader and for use as an introductory text in the study of cultural and social change. A "people's history," Soul Trains combines major contributions to scholarship in a single parnorama of musical evolution related to the struggles of ordinary people.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: Larry Portis

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