Smart Blonde

Author: Ron Karcz

ISBN 978-1-60264-151-8 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-152-5 (hardcover)

175 pages

I know this is hard to believe but, men are not the only less then forthright people in the online dating world as you've been led to believe by Oprah and many others like her. Tony Costa takes you on an unbelievable and hilarious trip through the online dating world. His belief that women are the 'perfect hunters' is born out of his adventures with a number of 'Nymphs of the Net' as he falls head first into relationships with a bevy of beauties who are less than honest in the writing and publication of their profiles and the posting of their pictures. As he soon finds out, most have more baggage than a carousel at JFK.

One of his first adventures was with Kiki Swift, aka Smart Blonde. After a brief romantic encounter, Tony and Kiki soon became brother/sister close. Kiki quickly becomes Tony's close advisor and muse while providing Tony a shoulder to cry on through many of his misguided adventures.
Undaunted, the unflagging optimist Tony Costa continues his search for his perfectly matched mate while dealing within the online dating circles. He soon reaches a crushing realization; what you see is not necessarily what you get.
Costa's story is humorous, lighthearted, serious, and at times exposes real human emotion. Nonetheless, Tony continues taking you on the roller coaster ride over The Love Highway of the Internet. The human event, after all, is humor for the most part and we are merely the players in the great comedy of life. The ending is heartwarming as Costa finds himself where he originally longed to be and not quite knowing how to handle his emotions or how he got there.
Welcome to the whacky world of Ron Karcz as he tells tales of online dating adventures in Smart Blonde. Find a little of yourself and enjoy the laugh.


Florida author, Ron Karcz was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, brought up in Longmeadow, and moved with his family to Florida in his last year of high school. After stints in college and business, he later ventured to Idaho where he took up ranching. He learned to play guitar prompting him to write a song, "Back to Idaho", which was used as a TV and radio Public Service spot. This led to a successful career in music, during which he recorded two albums and worked as a producer, writer, recording artist and spokesperson. He also ranched and had a successful consulting/production business doing TV ads for businesses. He taught sales, service sales, inter-personal skills, and programs to attain high customer service ratings to auto, RV, and marine dealers. It was at this point, he wrote his first small book; a 'pocket primer' ... Everybody Wants to Go To Heaven (but nobody wants to die!).
After twenty-five years of living in the Northwest he returned to Florida where he now resides and as he puts it, "I'm just waiting for the last sun to set."
He is an avid outdoor person who loves fly fishing, photography, and canoeing. Among his other interests are gourmet cooking and landscaping. After many adventures as a result of his joining a few online dating sites he decided to write his newest book, Smart Blonde.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: Ron Karcz

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