Shake It Down! A Tribute to Gabino Rodríguez - The Maracas Kid

Author: Ruben P. Salazar    

ISBN 978-0-9963283-0-2 (Softcover)

88 Pages


Today, if you ask Mexican-America elders in Central Texas if they have heard about Gabino Rodriguez, they might give you a blank look. But inquire about the Maracas Kid and they will tell you lively stories about a dancing man and his maracas! The Maracas Kid, as he was affectionately called, was a local performer who played with dozens of bands, but who never had a true band of his own. In this biography, readers - especially young adults - will learn about the life of a captivating musician who lived out his artistic dream almost every weekend of his adult live. Discover how Gabino came to be the Maracas Kid as you read colorful descriptions of him as told by the voices of people who knew him best - relatives, friends and band members, as well as bar and night club owners. Readers will also gain insight into the Mexican-American history of Waco, Texas. Tidbits about local heritage, people, places, and cultural facts support each chapter, offering the reader a glimpse of what it was like back in the 'good old days' in Central Texas-during the life and times of the Maracas Kid. Gabino Rodriguez performed his way into the nightlife scene in Central Texas for multiple decades and earned himself the nickname "Maracas Kid." Find out why he was also called "the Michael Jackson of his time" and get a unique glimpse of the local Mexican-American history and culture during his lifetime.

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