Selected Poems of the Danish Golden Age

Author: Edward Ford

ISBN 978-1-62137-334-6 (softcover)

92 pages

Many countries have had golden ages in the arts: Corneille, Racine and Moliere super-charged the theatre in France of the Seventeenth Century, Goethe and Schiller roused Wiemar at the end of the Eighteenth Century, Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Byron, and Coleridge animated England just a little later. Why do such cultural blossomings take place? It appears that great minds feed off of contact with one another, as writers and artists spur each other on to new heights. Perhaps reading these authors who all reached prodigeous heights with their poetry, will inspire you to write great poems? Or perhaps it will just provide an entertaining evening of reading. In any event, the literature of the Danish Golden Age will charm you, if only by its freshness, for it has been rather overlooked by a world which has turned to television. This volume is a companion piece to the selection of Christian Winther's poetry which I have published separately under the title: "The Singer of Sjaelland".

Category: Non-Fiction, Poetry

Type: books

Vendor: Edward Ford

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