Secrets to Better English

Author: Bill "Mr. Bill" Burkett

ISBN 978-1-60264-774-9 (softcover) 

ISBN 978-1-60264-818-0 (eBook)

164 pages

Dr. Bill Burkett describes the powerful Socrates Secret and shares the riveting story of its development and implementation in his English as a Second Language classes in China. Scores of his students achieve dramatic success with Burkett's technique. Burkett states,

"Jennifer was an excellent student. I taught her class the Socrates Secret and asked students to practice the 44 sounds of English in front of a mirror, stretching the speech muscles. She practiced Exaggerated Phonetic Articulation in every Talk Along (described in my previous book, A Manual for Teaching English in China, Beijing University Press, Beijing, China) I held with the class. Suddenly she transferred to Beijing because of her father's job. Jennifer e-mailed me soon after arriving, and revealed that she was placed in the advanced English class in an excellent language school. The examining teacher told Jennifer that her advanced placement was because she could pronounce her -l's and -r's without accent. Jennifer replied that the EPA training she had in my class had enabled her to master her -l's and -r's."

Jennifer is just one of many case studies who have had the same near-miraculous results because of Burkett's original techniques revealed in Secrets to Better English.


Bill Burkett spent seven years in China's universities, colleges, and middle schools teaching spoken English. Burkett achieved his doctorate in philosophy but as a result of an experience he had in college, he became interested in helping ESL students remove accents from their pronunciation. He reveals the story in this book of how an incident in psychology class impelled him to develop speech skills, an original technique that is unparalleled in educational research. Burkett's technique is not just a theory, but an effective method that has been tried and proven to work with hundreds of students who can now pronounce English clearly and intelligibly without accent. Secrets to Better English also includes consonant and vowel charts as well as many practice lists so that teachers or learners of all levels will find that this book will greatly benefit their formal English classes or informal individual study. Building on the information presented in his previous book, A Manual for Teaching English in China, published by Beijing University Press, Beijing, China, Burkett's Secrets to Better English includes many little known tips for unlocking the pronunciation of the English language and is a complete course in itself.

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