Sea Quest Forlorn but Not Forgotten

Author: C.W. Spurchise

ISBN 978-1-60264-768-8 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-769-5 (eBook)

380 Pages

A woman joins the US Navy in hopes of one day commanding her own ship. Can she overcome discrimination and defy the shadow of failure? Is it possible for her to free a vessel stolen from the United States, by herself?
"Sea Quest Forlorn but Not Forgotten," begins with the history of the Corsaro family in 17th century Sicily, the charge of piracy by false accusation, the theft of their fishing vessel and the spiritual pledge to recover it.
Jolena Corsairi is a 21st century descendant of her Sicilian ancestors and a naval officer. She has a passion for ships and the sea service but never fully understood why. She finds herself compelled by mystical forces to go on a quest. A dangerous mission to reclaim a ship seized from the US Navy by an act of piracy and complete an ancient vow of redemption. Join her in an adventure of military intrigue and the struggle to understand herself while facing the reality of prejudice in a male dominated culture. A tale enticed by poetic verse that's sprinkled with humor, romance, courage and the meaning of naval leadership.


Carl Spurchise has lived most of his life in Rochester, New York with the exception being a brief stint in the United States Navy. He retired from careers in the information technology field for 25 years and the federal regulatory compliance field for thirteen years. Throughout his adult life he enjoyed writing fiction for his own pleasure but never considered writing professionally. After he left the day to day grind of employment, he thought about what he wanted to do and it occurred to him to write fictional stories to share with the world. So he embarked on a new career at the age of sixty-four. He is now a novelist, a writer of imaginative work that offers his readers an opportunity to escape from the banality of their daily routine. He writes to stir the gamut of emotions and bring enjoyment into the lives of people who like to read fiction. His goal is simple. Write well so the public can say to themselves and to others, "Boy that was a good story!"

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: C.W. Spurchise

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