Scenario for Four Horsemen, Dead Actor and Bird: A Novel to End ALL Hollywood Novels

Author: the pacific desperado

ISBN 978-1-947532-63-2 (softcover); 978-1-947532-64-9 (eBook)

342 pages

When laid-back Southern California surfer Dewey Snows takes a job as a ranch hand in the mountains behind Santa Barbara, after dropping out of college, he unwittingly stumbles across an apocalyptic conspiracy. The owner of the ranch where he works, a werewolf-turned-cowboy actor, is grooming a popular movie star to run for President of the United States. On the eve of the election Dewey finds himself at the center of a fantastic crisis.  Can the last surviving California condor be saved or is she destined to spearhead a suicidal ICBM attack that will liberate the phantoms of Knostic Hell? Watch out, folks—we’ve got a major problem here! These dead actors are determined to cross the line from motion picture madness to the real thing in an atmosphere near yours very, very soon!

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