Release Your Writing

Author: Helen Gallagher

ISBN 978-1-60264-060-3 (softcover)

208 pages

"Release Your Writing, Book Publishing, Your Way" goes beyond "how-to" books with all the information you need, whether you have:
-Written a book and not attracted a publisher.
-Finished a book you need out right now, for a particular market or timely topic.
-Just started writing a book and need to know how to get it to market.
-Grown weary of shopping a book around to agents and publishers.
-Let your manuscript languish because the publishing process seemed so intimidating.
Learn strategies to get your book published, write better with your computer, and discover dozens of marketing and promotion tricks to sustain a successful book launch.
"Helen Gallagher's new book 'Release Your Writing' has just stripped you of your last excuse for not writing that book that's inside you and waiting to be released. She has an answer for every question you've ever had about birthing a book into the world and covers every step you need to take it from beginning to end. If you follow the steps that Helen suggests, you can be the author you've always wanted to be. She's one of the best guides out there on the pathway to publishing!"
Jan Phillips,
author of The Art of Original Thinking,
Marry Your Muse

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