Quest Of The Seal Bearers Book I: The Warriors Return

Author: Alan Wayne-Grant Coleman

ISBN 1-58939-511-5 (softcover)

360 Pages

Ten thousand years ago, a dark force, known as the Book of War, was unleashed upon the planet of Mendala by a demented tyrant named Multus. With this powerful weapon, he was able to create indestructible creatures that did his bidding. Five brave warriors, dedicated to stopping Multus, banded together, and trapped him in the Dark Pits. Peace returned to Mendala.

The legend of Multus and the Great War passed down through the generations but eventually it was regarded as a myth. However, when the Book of War surfaced again with its new owner, Davron, all of this changed. The stage is set, and history will repeat itself unless a hero surfaces to thwart Davron's evil plans.

Meanwhile, some distance away on Earth, Greengale's Action and Adventure Club is preparing to depart for their yearly vacation. The teenage members of this group are always in search of new challenges, and soon find themselves involved in the adventure of a lifetime. After being mysteriously transported to Mendala, they discover that they are the ones chosen to destroy the Book of War. Now they must unite as a team to defeat Davron… or die trying.


Alan Wayne-Grant Coleman resides in Highland Springs, a small suburb just east of Richmond, VA. "Highland Springs is nothing like the town of Greengale that I write about in my books," he insists. Coleman received a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002. When he's not creating fantasy worlds, Coleman works as a network administrator at a local non-profit organization.

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