Quest of the Seal Bearers Book 2: The Five Jewels

Author: Alan Wayne-Grant Coleman

ISBN 978-1-60264-011-5 (softcover)

442 pages

Quest of the Seal Bearers Book 2: The Five Jewels The planet of Mendala is once again in danger from the Book of War, an ancient relic that can be used to create indestructible monsters of all shapes and sizes. This weapon is now in the hands of Davron, a tyrant obsessed with power. Though Davron's army is almost unstoppable, his forced rule over Mendala has not gone uncontested. The Fantasmal Fighters have risen to the challenge.
These teenagers from the planet Earth are Mendala's only hope. Though they are young, they have been gifted with a unique power that gives them alone the ability to destroy the creatures of the Book of War. With the help of many brave allies, the Fantasmal Fighters hope to defeat Davron once and for all.
Now, the stage is being set for an epic battle as both sides race to gain control over the five jewels, a set of powerful artifacts that could mean the key to victory for either side. Will the Fantasmal Fighters use them to rid the world of the Book of War forever, or will Davron finally gain the power to rule over all dimensions?



Alan Wayne-Grant Coleman resides in Highland Springs, a small suburb just east of Richmond, VA. He received a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002. When he's not creating fantasy worlds, Coleman works as a network administrator at a local non-profit organization. He also takes pride in being an active member and volunteer at his church. Besides writing and computers, Coleman enjoys being an astonishingly terrible bowler and a half-decent cook.

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