Puppy Pail: Patti's Struggles With Codependency Recovery

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN: 978-1-62137-676-7 (softcover)

She found sobriety in Kansas and later moved to Oregon to live with a third husband. After his death, she contemplated moving back to Kansas to live out the rest of her life near her daughter, Leslie. Patti was bipolar and needed a psychiatrist to prescribe her medication. So she went to the Area Mental Health for help. She was assigned to Dr. Ramsey, who was in charge of a group meeting for bipolar patients and asked Patti to be her assistant. With counseling, Patti had to relive her childhood memories with Dr. Ramsey. She had to address the issue of the "Puppy Pail." Patti met Frank at the group meeting. He lived close by on a farm and offered Patti land where she could plant and tend to her iris hobby. Frank and Patti become very good friends. Patti began to sponsor several women for alcoholism, codependency, and bipolar disorder.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Nancy Price

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