Plato's Universe of Discourse

Author: D. R. Khashaba

ISBN 978-1-62137-742-9 (eBook)

198 pages



Traditional philosophy has been pronounced dead. Humankind, under the governance of a hubristic science bereft of wisdom, is rapidly hurtling towards self-destruction. To save humanity, philosophy as understood by Socrates and Plato must be revived. Hume undermined both science and philosophy. Kant came to the rescue of science but had no comfort for philosophy; his Copernican revolution only went halfway. It's high time to radically revolutionize current conceptions of the nature of philosophy and philosophical thinking. We have to make philosophy once again relevant to human aspirations and once again capable of having a role in fighting the false conceptions and false values that are undermining human civilization. This book goes out as "a voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way" of Queen Philosophia to her rightful throne, to guide human life and guard the ideals and values that endow humanity with its worth, to avert the annihilation that the hubris of knowledge devoid of wisdom is fast driving us to.

Category: Philosophical, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: D.R. Khashaba

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