Plan Before You Play

Author: Howard Ringel

ISBN 978-1-58939-975-4 (softcover)

The bidding is concluded, and you are the declarer. Your left hand opponent makes his lead, and partner spreads his hand on the table. Now it's all up to you. Do you know how best to analyze how the dummy meshes with your hand? Then you must consider the opening lead, and any bidding by the opponents. Then you must make a plan, and start the play by calling for a card from dummy. This book is designed to help you develop the technique necessary to plan the play of a hand. It is done by putting the reader into the mind of an experienced bridge player as he looks over his hand, the dummy, and the opening lead, recalls the bidding, and then makes his plan before he begins to play. The hands in this book are not complex or unusual. They are typical hands encountered every time bridge is played. The explanations will be helpful to the newer or less experienced bridge player as he strives to improve his declarer play.



Howard Ringel lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife of over forty years, Phyllis. They have three children, six grandchildren, and a seventh due shortly. He spent the last fifty years operating a retail furniture business, and has just retired. In his first week at the University of Michigan in 1954 he learned how to play bridge. Little did he know then that this fascinating game would be his main hobby for the next fifty plus years. There were years he played more, and years he played less, but he always maintained his interest in the game. Now, with more time available, he would like to help those new at the game improve their level of play, and to interest others, who have never played, to find out what they are missing.

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Type: books

Vendor: Howard Ringel

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