Partners to Be

Author: Barbara Janesick

ISBN 978-1-62137-140-3 (Softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-170-0 (eBook)

217 pages

As a life long lover of the noble equine species I have had several horses come and go in my life. When I lost my grand Arabian El Kuchj to old age afflictions I just couldn’t live without another horse to take care of and love. I started my horse search looking at the published horse ads, flyers and contacting a well known trainer. Soon after the passing of my equine senior, Monie Talks, a beautiful chestnut Arabian gelding, stood in my old horse’s stall. Monie, a former champion western reining show boy, with years of specialized training, surprised me. All business in the show arena, I discovered quickly he was completely out of his comfort zone when outside the enclosures he knew for nine years of his life and show career. Scared to death being outside the arena, spooking at little things out on the trail, such as the rustling of bamboo and leaves to a trickle of water in an almost dried up creek bed, I had a big decision to make. Should I sell him to a stronger rider? Or seek assistance with Monie’s insecurities from a natural horsemanship trainer? My ultimate decision would alter Monie’s life forever, and mine too.


Barbara Janesick, a retired clinical laboratory medical technologist and environmental health specialist, lives with her two spunky mini-schnauzers, a cockatiel bird, and owns a beautiful Arabian gelding, Monie Talks. She is the author of The Safe Equestrian, and Managed Dying, a HMO Survival Guide. Spending time with her horse and other pets, hiking, and writing are her joys in life. She has loved writing since childhood, and lives with a pen at hand and keyboard nearby.

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