Author: Frank H. Jakobs

ISBN 978-1-58939-719-4 (softcover)

237 Pages

London, England: Ahmed is a handsome and exceptionally charming jet-setter with a taste for fine wine and an eye for beautiful women. His true passion however is something far more sinister. Two years following the end of the second Gulf War, he detonates a bomb in a popular London dance club. This vicious act is but the first in a series of increasingly brutal attacks he executes throughout Europe, confounding Police agencies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Acapulco, Mexico: A team of Mexican rebels is hired to kidnap several small groups of American tourists, and then turn them over to a wealthy Saudi Oil baron. Fancying himself as the next Bin Laden, the man who calls himself Mohammed intends to use the hostages in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the U.S. Government.
Virginia, USA: Marie, the beautiful long-time girlfriend of a well connected U.S. Congressman hatches a plot more treacherous than anything previously attempted on American soil. She is Ahmed and Mohammed's beloved younger sister and the inspiration for their acts of terror.

A group of friends take a long awaited vacation trip to Acapulco. Their world is abruptly torn apart when half of the group fall victim to Saudi kidnappers. With the U.S. government reluctant to alienate its Saudi allies over the abductions and unwilling to cut a deal with the terrorists, these very ordinary Americans are forced to take matters into their own hands. They are assisted by some unlikely new friends including an aging millionaire, his two buffoonish bodyguards and a former CIA analyst who now makes his living as a drug trafficker in the Middle East. Together they must find and rescue their loved ones and in the process prevent a cataclysm that could alter the course of U.S. history.


Born in Germany; Frank Jakobs now makes his home in sunny San Antonio Texas where he is a National Accounts Sales Manager for a German Consumer products company. He holds a fourth degree Karate Black-belt, enjoys good books, great music, exploring some of the world's most beautiful beaches and fast German sports-cars. His first novel; "The Rep" was published in 2002. "Paradise" is Frank's second novel.

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