...of Stone and Steel

Author: Mark Mongilutz

ISBN 978-1-62137-530-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-531-9 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-532-6 (eBook)

72 pages

"...of Stone & Steel" is at once a story of bravery and sacrifice, of fear and ideology, of hope and remorse, and of the philosophies which often prove sufficient to justify and necessitate bloodshed. More than a tale of warriors clashing in violent melee or of warfare consuming a land and its inhabitants, herein is a meditation upon the questions of how people should live, by what values should our lives be governed, and to what degree should equilibrium with one's environs take precedence over human progress? At stake within this tale of Makers and Druids is much more than flesh and blood-at stake are the very life-forces by which a once serene realm is animated, and the harmony which once insulated the realm from the conflict by which it is now beset.

Illustrations by Preston Farr

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