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Not Dead Yet: A Collection of Close Calls & Other Memories

Author: Don Rambacher

ISBN 9781621378679 (Softcover)

ISBN 9781621378686 (eBook)

268 Pages


Children born in the 1950s grew up unencumbered by the many boundaries placed on today’s youth.  While they may have experienced more inherent danger by riding in cars without seat belts and spending time in the great outdoors without any parental supervision, they also learned independence, self-sufficiency, and the joy of creating their own adventures. 

One of these adventurous children was Don Rambacher, an ordinary boy who grew up in Salem, Ohio, and loved hunting, fishing and playing baseball. He spent his days looking for amusement, and often got himself in more “fun” than he bargained for.  From a police search when he “went missing” to a dare to lick a snow shovel in the dead of winter, the reader will be able to relate to this mischievous young boy – either as a similarly spirited child, or possibly as the parent on the clean-up end of mostly innocent shenanigans.

Take a step back in time and remember, or perhaps discover, what childhood used to be.  You’ll get a humorous look at the adventures, mishaps and many trips to the hospital in one boy’s journey to adulthood.


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