My Maumee

Author: Dian Stirn Groh

ISBN 978-1-62137-721-4 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-733-7 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-62137-722-1 (eBook)

68 Pages




When I started this book, I wanted to create a glimpse of life as I knew it growing up in the small town of Maumee, Ohio. I left Maumee when I took a job in Miami, Florida. That led to my living in six different states and traveling around the world. My parents also moved away from Maumee. Shamefully, it was almost twenty-five years between visits. I returned to Maumee to hold a memorial celebration for my parents, and my wonderful memories rushed back. The city was even better than I remembered. I wanted my children and grandchildren to know the beauty, the historical significance, the northern culture and to love it like I do. I vowed to write a book. The book is not what I envisioned when I began my project, since it took on a form of its own. As I researched the city, I learned so much. What a fascinating place. With the help of many friends and other authors who read, suggested and searched for reference photos, the book finally became My Maumee. I hope you will agree, in the words of Alta Richardson, one of our teachers, speaking about Maumee, "grass is greener, the sky bluer, bird songs sweeter and the people the kindest in the world."


As a former international flight attendant, teacher and mother of twins, Dian Stirn Groh has seen it all. As a result of her unusual experiences, Dian has unique approaches to life: “Give it away”  and “Share with the others.” She is a freelance writer, short story author and poet. Her works have appeared in Twins Magazine: The Magazine for Multiples Since 1984, “California Teachers Study Report Card,” LIFE IS GOOD! Gulf Coast Healthy Lifestyles: A Health and Wellness Magazine for Everyone, Clear Lake Area Writers Anthology, Volume III and various organization newsletters. Her first picture book, My Maumee, is  available in three formats – hardcover, soft cover and e-book. In the future look for My Texas, My Hawaii, My New York and My California – all places she has lived.


Jury S. Judge graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014 with a BFA from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She works on a wide range of commissions such as illustrating children's books, creating advertisements, and fine art pieces. If you are interested in commissioning her for artwork, email her at






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