My Book of Music and Art

Author: Andrea Tyszkiewicz and Ranea Breen

ISBN 978-1-60264-570-7 (softcover)

74 pages

Andrea Tyszkiewicz has been known as Mrs. T. for nearly forty years. She has taught art, kindergarten, preschool, and provided art instruction through private lessons. She has always had the dream of integrating art into all the subjects. She believes this workbook could be expanded to include all grade levels into a simple but thorough exposure to literacy in the fine arts. After 13 years of teaching with Mrs. Breen, they have begun a new career to share this vision.
Ranea Breen has been a music teacher for nearly 30 years and she, too, has taught at the preschool level. She believes that to instill the passion of music, visual arts are a major component. At the elementary level, Mrs. Breen and Mrs. T. have created an environment rich in challenge and opportunity, by giving children the opportunity to become familiar with theater, dance, and production, including scenery and costumes, at the elementary level. This gives their students a distinct advantage as they continue pursuing the arts in high school and beyond.

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