Milly's Story

Author: Milly Thill

ISBN 1-58939-536-0 (softcover)

216 pages

"Milly's Story" is a testimony of the author's personal experiences as a 10-15 year old girl during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg in the Second World War. Her vibrant, authentic chronicles, especially the episodes of the Liberation by U.S. troops and life with American soldiers, such as Christmas Eve 1944, are moving and thrilling accounts based on historical context. "The Young Girl's Memories of the Second World War" is dedicated to all the U.S. soldiers who fought in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg for the liberty of her nation. It is also dedicated to the numerous descendants of those who migrated from Luxembourg to the United States, especially in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.


Milly Thill is a retired teacher living in Luxembourg-City. For many years when was deeply involved in special education. In spite of her retirement, she is engaged in a number of social and cultural activities, including championing women's issues. She is proud to be an author of several books and is an established writer of numerous publications in the luxembourgish language. This single woman enjoys reading, oil painting, choir singing, hiking and traveling across the continents. She lovingly keeps up her home and garden and maintains good friendships.

Category: Biography, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Milly Thill

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