Memoirs of a Former American

Author: Patrick Samuels

ISBN 978-1-60264-236-2 (softcover)

236 pages

Are you worried about the direction of this country? Do you believe the United States of America is following a path that has led it far from the intentions of its Founders? Do you think that the policies we currently embrace on everything from immigration to terrorism, energy to welfare, education to economics, multiculturalism to foreign affairs are threats to our very survival as a sovereign power? What will happen if we continue on this course? This is an attempt to look into the future, to see the results of our choices, the impact of our attitudes and the consequences of our actions over the next sixty years. For those that love this country and revel in our position as an economic and military power, who see us as a bastion of liberty, freedom, civility and goodness in a world sorely in need of all those things, these pages convey a tragic story indeed.
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