Memoir of an Unlikely Savior

Author: Peter VanDenBeemt

ISBN 978-1-62137-944-7 (softcover)

502 pages


Where Melting Crayons and Burning Battleships come together - a journey from autism to enlightenment:

Challenging Frank to unbridle his creativity, his writing instructor tells him, "To be a great lover, you have to shed your armor. To be a great writer, you have to shed your skin." Though Frank doesn't get the substance of the words, he can't let them go. He'd like to be both but his autistic childhood, visual impairment, dismissive parents, and narcissistic brother prevent him from being either.

Then on vacation in Hawaii, he has what feels like a paranormal experience on the Arizona Memorial that starts him down a path of psychological and spiritual self-discovery. In making the transitions from weird to respected, awkward to insightful, brainy to wise, his relationships with women evolve from fearful to erotic, and through them doors open to unexpected opportunities with his writing. His journey teaches him the wisdom in the teacher's words, and in lifting him from the purgatory to which his past had banished him, he inadvertently helps free those he connects with from their own shadowed depths, making his story the Memoir of the Unlikely Savior.


  • I was born in Philadelphia, PA.
  • My first three years of school at Overbrook School for the Blind, a boarding school where I attended classes for the "partially sighted'
  • When I was fourteen IBM transferred my father to Zurich, Switzerland
  • When I was eighteen I started Lehigh University in Engineering Physics
  • In my junior year I worked for a year at Bell Labs in Whippany, NJ.
  • I received my master's degree in physics from Boston University
  • After two years in their Ph.D. program I moved to LA.
  • Between bouts of creativity (mostly writing prose and songs) I work intermittently as a software engineer
  • At the same time I strenuously pursued psychological and spiritual awareness
  • In 2012, I retired and moved to Thailand

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