Memo to the Leader

Author: William Walling

ISBN 1-58939-818-1 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-387-2 (eBook)

266 pages


It is year 142 of the German World Empire as reckoned from 1933 when Adolf Hitler became German Chancellor and the vilified Nazi regime was born. Dr. James Silverthorne, tenured history professor at Goebbels Institut in Greater Denver Gauleitung, Colorado Province, is also a seasoned time traveler vetted by Reichskounzel to conduct retrotemporal research in selective epochs of the past. James plays the key role in a desperate conspiracy designed to obliterate Deutschesweltanreich in retrospect via a clandestine return to wartime Berlin to locate and hopefully thwart the efforts of Nazi hero of heroes Erich Lustmann, a former SS officer sent back to 1939 decades after the war by Odessa SS exiles in Argentina.
A postwar "secret weapon" unknown to the allies, the Lebe Technique developed by a Nazi theoretical physicist permits Lustmann's successful dispatch into the past. Armed with prescient knowledge of wartime events, he somehow influences and rectifies the action-decisions of the Nazi hierarchy, and thus enables the Third Reich to become the World War II victor, not the vanquished. Fearing his "mission impossible" is precisely that, Silverthorne nevertheless pursues his world-changing crusade in an exciting time travel adventure that is grand in scope as well as purpose.



William Walling, a lifelong Californian and former aerospace engineer, was employed during the Desert Storm conflict by a Menlo Park developer of Flight Motion simulators, and more recently as a technical journalist for a supplier of Global Positioning Systems. MEMO TO THE LEADER is his seventh novel published by, Inc. Other titles include the works of speculative fiction Olympus Mons, Sometimes the Dragon Wins, Triage, Tommorrow the Stars, and Mind Games, plus a humorous mainstream spoof of the aerospace industry entitled It's Too Late to Leave Early. In addition to science articles, magazine novelettes and short stories, Bill has had three hardcover novels published by Doubleday and St. Martin's Press which are no longer in print.
Bill and his wife Judy live in the heart of Silicon Valley. He has recently returned to writing fiction. His hobbies include films, music, and astronomy.

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