McCoy, You're Going Straight To Hell

Authors: Matt McCoy and Jim Ferguson

ISBN 978-1-62137-626-2 (softcover) 

ISBN 978-1-62137-627-9 (eBook)

214 pages

Through heartfelt e-mails to openly gay Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy, readers will understand the impact of the struggle for marriage equality. These stories will empower others to face, accept, and celebrate their sexuality and relationships. Marriage equality is the new civil right. Passion is strong on both sides of the issue. The battle for equality is more than a powerful political weapon or crusade of religious zealots. It is about love, commitment, and civil rights. These e-mails are artifacts of a critical movement. They bring to life stories of couples affected by the intolerance of laws preventing them from expressing their love and commitment through marriage. Opponents express visceral emotion, often with religious fervor. They see gay marriage as a threat to traditional marriage, family, and the nation. What is a politically charged weapon for some is a way of life for others. The book will disrupt the status quo to keep the momentum in the battle for equality. Those struggling with their sexual orientation will be reminded they are not alone. They are entitled to the same civil rights, tolerance and acceptance enjoyed by others. The book is a call to remain vigilant.


Matt McCoy is an Iowa State Senator and Iowa's highest ranking openly gay elected official. He has served in the Iowa Legislature for twenty-two years, with leadership roles in the Senate. He has never lost an election - before or since coming out.

McCoy has received recognition and numerous awards for his commitment to courageous public service. As a spokesperson for marriage equality, he has taken the issue across the country and to Australia through interviews and conference presentations.

McCoy serves on various governmental, non-profit and civic boards. He is the founder of Resource Development Consultants. McCoy is a graduate of Briar Cliff University. He and his son live in Des Moines, Iowa.

Category: Family, Non-Fiction, Relationships

Type: books

Vendor: Matt McCoy

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