Love in the Shadows


Author: Vernon Sanders

ISBN 9781621379898 (softcover)

ISBN 9781621379904 (hardcover)

314 Pages



Love in the Shadows is a love story that unfolds amidst the shadows of menace and murder. Sam McFarland is a young associate professor in the English Department at Colby College. Benton, a small southern town and the home of Colby, is terrorized by a serial killer. Sam has his own reasons to bypass the police investigation and initiate his own search for the predator who has stunned his beloved town. Was it a mistake since it leads him into dangerous entanglements? Love is the catalyst that carries Sam around the sinister forces that challenge him and fuels his commitment to find the answers, the missing pieces of the puzzle. Against the backdrop of a country that is divided and in distress, the struggle between good and evil plays out. Benton is a microcosm of civility and calm while the intrusion of the predator is a reminder that evil is ever-present. Sam's has his hands full. His problem is not an angry neighbor or a disgruntled student, but a man without conscience and who kills on a whim. Let me tell you Sam's story.

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