Life is Pieces of a Puzzle

Author: Jacqueline L. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-62137-857-0 (softcover)

172 Pages


Only growth will fill the lives of the ones who realize their place in this world. Waking up as the sun sets beautifully, just to discover that many puzzling surprises will be a part of living and figuring out how to solve what life revolves around us all, and when feeling there's lack of misunderstanding. Not knowing why many issues have to be a part of life. No one will fully understand all the pieces that have to fit to make life less complex. Working out all that life has in store will eventually be easier to put together the pieces as people go through all types of relationships, and dealing with everyday people who will add to the issues. Trying to comprehend who we are and how to make it in life, as time continues to change; is acceptance to do all that make sense that will fall into place for each individual.


Over the years, Jacqueline has spent a lot of time writing and creating books to share with people. She has written four books which include: True Stories of Real Life Experiences: Rising Above It AllPublic School Have Stories, Too!, Read Leaves, and New Parents You're Not Alone, Here Is Your Guide. These are a collection of books that are about reality, and they're informative for the ones who are trying to continue to go in the right direction in life. People of all ages can benefit from reading all, including this one.

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