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Life and How It Gets That Way

Author: Don Calderwood

ISBN 978-1-62137-717-7 (softcover)

234 pages

These highly entertaining short stories cover a wide range events and situations,  such as a surprising and passionate first kiss, and how all the craziness begins in life and then surely continues. The very different relationship in The Last Tango in Cleveland surely shows this, as do others. The final story of a couple dealing with a very odd visitor to their home as all their lives wheel suddenly in a new direction no one expected is no exception. Whether serious or peppered with humor, all stories twist and turn in surprising ways, because it’s life and “how it gets that way.”

Entertaining? Well done? Reviewers say so, and what shouldn’t be missed is The Last Tango in Cleveland, as well as Mister Rahjah’s Neighborhood.


Don Calderwood was born and raised in Pittsburgh when ‘Big Steel’ was still king, and the mills all up and down the three rivers would spit fire from their stacks into the night skies. Where you begin life, the author has said, makes an immeasurable impact on you. Pittsburgh is where his creative writing began. 

Later graduating from Kent State, he held positions in Cleveland as a social worker, investigator, and a salesman before opening his own writing services company years ago now. It was here that Don honed his writing and craft. His freelance writing and creative services for business clients won a good number of awards for brochures, newsletters, and websites.

Don lives in Northern Ohio with his Significant Other, the creative and skilled graphic designer and illustrator, Kristen E. Stuart (for more, visit”

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Vendor: Don Calderwood

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