Lieutenant Henry: Memoir of a Marine

Author: Joe Henry

ISBN 978-1-60264-308-6 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-327-7 (eBook)

359 pages

1968 was a defining year in our country's history. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. Free love, Vietnam protests, Black Power and the dawn of the drug culture were in full stride. 1968 was also the year that a young 23-year old college student decided to transfer from the Navy to the Marine Corps. The metamorphosis of Joe Henry from college student to a Marine Corps Combat Officer is adventure and survival. It is fraught with psychological and physical challenges, emotional disruptions, urban adventure, spiritual epiphanies and sheer luck. The story starts on a college campus tucked away in the quaint Northwest corner of Washington State and ends up on the politically charged corridors of Washington DC. The odyssey visits the preparation phase of the making of a Marine Corps Officer, specialized training, state-side duties and assignments and Vietnam, both in the bush and the rear. Heavy dialogue and personal anecdotes are scattered throughout. There is never a dull moment. It is fast paced and intense.


Joe Henry grew up the second oldest of ten children in Seattle, WA. After graduating from college at Western Washington University, Joe entered the Officer Training Program for the United States Marine Corps. Trained as a Reconnaissance Officer, Joe found himself in Vietnam as a Platoon Commander. In 1972 Joe left the military and enjoyed a successful career in the oil industry. In 1990 he changed careers earning a Master's Degree and teaching at the middle school level for 17 years. Joe is now retired and lives with is wife of 35 years, Mary Jane. He enjoys spending time with his four adult children and six grandchildren and reflecting on his diverse past.

Category: Biography, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Joe Henry

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