Let Us Philosophize: Second Revised Edition

Author: D.R. Khashaba

ISBN 978-1-60264-232-4 (softcover)

272 pages

This is a revised edition of a book that first appeared in 1998. The author has since published three other books, yet Let Us Philosophize remained the one that gives the author's philosophy as an integrative whole. It presents a philosophy developed over a lifetime, in which questions about ultimate reality, knowledge, and values are interrelated in a coherent system. This is an approach frowned upon by most present-day academic and professional philosophers. The book indeed seeks to challenge the dominant analytic approach which has reduced philosophy to specialized disciplines and techniques which cannot approach the ultimate questions that originally gave rise to philosophy. Only by audaciously daring to philosophize "in the grand manner" can philosophy once more be meaningfully relevant to life and human needs. However, in raising ultimate questions, the author does not pretend to offer acceptable solutions or "true" answers. A philosophy that professes to offer truth on a platter is worse than worthless. This book seeks to provoke readers to question themselves and question the world and to venture on the soul-searching travail necessary for understanding their own mind and building up their own philosophy.


D.R. Khashaba, born in 1927, is an independent philosopher. Although enamored of philosophy from his early teens, harsh circumstances long denied him the leisure and peace of mind necessary for philosophical work. In 1998, when 71, he published Let Us Philosophize, followed by Plato: An Interpretation (2005), Socrates' Prison Journal (2006), and Hypatia's Lover (2006). He has also published numerous essays in various online journals, hopefully to be available in a collected volume before long. Khashaba, a widower with one daughter, Hanan, and one granddaughter, Farah, lives in his home country, Egypt. His Weblog: http://khashaba.blogspot.com.

Category: Body, Health, Mind, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: D.R. Khashaba

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