Learning To Love

Author: Dean Biesemeyer

ISBN 978-1-58939-984-6 (softcover)

264 pages

This book presents a guide to identifying, understanding and working with the four factors within us which influence our behaviors. These factors are easily identified through our wants, concepts, methods and efforts. The guide shows how to become aware of them within our self or others, how to understand their influence on our behaviors and how to alter them to produce the behaviors we want. The five attitudes, referred to as Empathic Caring, essential to support discovering and working with these internal factors are identified as Recognizing, Accepting, Valuing, Experience-sharing, and Loving - easily remembered as RAVEL (pronounced like TRAVEL) or as the process for unRAVELing the mystery of our behavior.
The second part reveals Physical, Emotional, Mental (intuitive) and Spiritual as different functioning energy forms. This part gives an understanding of the different principles by which each of the energy forms function, how they interact, how they manifest through the four internal influencing factors, and how to open to perceiving them. Using the guide and the attitudes of Empathic Caring with awareness of the energy forms enables us to choose and develop peaceful, creative and loving relationships with our environment and with each other while finding our Spiritual Self.


The author's background includes a PhD. in Clinical Psychology, studies in an inter-denominational seminary, a Teaching Master's in Biological Sciences, and a Bachelor's in Wildlife Technology. Crucial learning however comes from having been married with three children, participation in sports and music, spending time in wilderness areas alone, traveling and living in foreign countries, working as a laborer, truck driver, wildlife biologist, science teacher, coach, 25 years practicing clinical psychology doing therapy, evaluations, consultations and teaching, going through extensive forms of personal therapy, spending 17 years on researching and writing this book, and an unending lifelong quest for awareness.

Category: Body, Health, Mind, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Dean Biesemeyer

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