Just Another Case

Author: Lee Martin

ISBN 978-1-60264-203-4 (softcover)

56 pages

After 17 years of investigating murders, industrial deaths, natural deaths, suicides, and undetermined deaths, I thought I had seen and dealt with just about every situation imaginable. One such death scene has been implanted within me forever.

While investigating an apparent suicide scene, I contracted strange ideas and thoughts. Dueling within my consciousness, I fought the idea that a strange voice was entering my head. It was as though I was thinking, yet they were not my thoughts. Continuing to receive these thoughts for days, I soon came to realize it was the same voice I had heard on a tape player in the suicide victim's house. It was the voice of the victim. Was it a ghost, a spirit, or what? Was I going insane?

I was much too practical and level headed to start believing I was being contacted by a deceased victim from one of my crime scenes. I had always considered people who heard voices as mentally disturbed. Am I joining them?

As time passes, Frank rejoins me, adding suggestions as I investigate some of my most serious cases. Time comes when Frank is not only a voice in my thoughts, but begins to become semi visible. Is this really happening to me? Are there spirits or ghosts? What will happen next?
Permanent sorrow for the innocent victims will remain with me until the day I die, but I still have a job to do when I arrive back home.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Lee Martin

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