Johnny Who?

Author: John Long

ISBN 1-58939-535-2 (softcover)

240 Pages

Johnny Who? takes the reader on a sexual odyssey. Beginning with his childhood in Middle America and carrying on to middle age as an expatriate teacher in France, Johnny's sexual exploits trace out a trajectory of licentiousness, with escapades in various cities around the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and France.

Today, however, tormented by an obsession with pornographic films that threatens to destroy both his marriage and career, Johnny is paying the price for his profligate youth. His reflections about growing up sexually absurd are also a cautionary tale that will have a familiar ring to the many who have experienced any of these confused, ridiculous, or comic watersheds that pass for sex education.
Coupled with all this is an intimate look, from an expatriate's perspective, at the charms and joys of living in France. To follow Johnny in his everyday activities on the little family farm is to witness a dream-come-true pastoral paradise.

But Johnny's sinful excursions to Paris and the pornographic film parlors he haunts represent the dark side of this country-city dichotomy. While he is experiencing everything from outrageous sex to alcohol abuse and even bulimia, his obsessions and guilt-ridden imagination conjure up a host of phantasmagoric creatures: from a grotesque, Cyclops-like monster to a sublime, Circe-like beauty. The parodic scenes of graphically explicit sex and unbridled violence are not for the fainthearted. On the other hand, this is a tale that invites compassion, bristles with satire, and abounds with Rabelaisian humor.


John Long was born in Chicago in 1941 and grew up in the suburbs. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1963 and went on to study law at Stanford. In 1972 he moved to France with his wife Mary, and over the next 30 years they reared three children and restored four old houses, including two manors, for which they have won numerous awards. He received his Master’s degree from the University of Angers, France, and was awarded a Doctorate in literature with high honors from the Sorbonne in 1981. His specialty is the Beat Generation. He and his family raise sheep on a large domain in the South of France. He is head of the English Department at the Albi campus of the University of Toulouse where he teaches English literature and American civilization.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: John Long

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