It Came With Oil - An adventure into the art of British car repair

Author: Alan Cowan

ISBN 978-1-60264-814-2 (softcover)

240 pages

Good stories come from bad decisions, and in the techno world we inhabit, our cars tell them like nothing else. "It Came With Oil" is a euphemism for that jumping-off point from which we all leap when we want to learn the Art of Repair. By the chronicle of a young man's adventures in auto-repair-shop antics, road-trips, and with those peculiar but loveable British cars, an amusing backdrop is painted for invaluable lessons in automobile use and repair that all enjoy. This collection of true car-stories ranges everywhere from an explosion in a row of old English sports cars to tow-truck drivers' fears, from diagnostic technique to work habits, from race cars to motorcycles to lovers. This fun and practical look inside the journey from mending, toward repair, strikes a happy, meaningful, and lasting chord.


With a million miles of driving British cars under his belt, and over three decades in the British-car-repair business, Alan Cowan began his career during college in backyards. Largely self-schooled in engineering, metallurgy, and machining, many of the tricks of the trade were learned from local old-timers. Others were developed from pivotal repair experiences, some outlined in his book, "It Came With Oil." Early professional work fixing the broken things others avoided set a unique stage for his trade: repair as opposed to replacement, understanding as opposed to guessing. His ever-fresh interest in people and his intelligent, optimistic approach bring a unique clientele to his Tucson workshop, Falconworks.

Category: Fiction, General

Type: books

Vendor: Alan Cowan

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