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Author: J. P. Newcomer

ISBN 978-1-62137-715-3 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-62137-716-0 (eBook)

185 Pages




Mind mapping, the technology developed to tame the warrior psyche of aggressive races, is at the heart of Marissa's mission to Seneschal. Her mandate is to change the hearts and minds of the natives of this war-torn planet. But her team's technology is no match for the hypnotic draw of a legendary, long-abandoned cave complex which changes them, instead, in unpredictable and mysterious ways. A child about to be born in these ancient caverns may be able to accomplish what they cannot. Myth, magic and mind-probing technology are combined in this exciting science fiction tale of exploitation, redemption and romance.


J. P. Newcomer is the author of several short stories, many of which have been published by the California Writer's Club in Branch Anthologies as well as in their Literary Review. She recently published a compilation of poetry entitled “Poems of my Father.” She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in clinical supervision and psychotherapy. “Interface” is her first novel.


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